Just Things

by: Nicoletta Darita Brown

Just Things, 2014, Video, A Kuleshov Effect Experiment

In the 19010's and 1920's A Soviet filmmaker (Lev Kuleshov) was one of the first to dissect the effects of film editing and implied meaning. Kuleshov discovered through his research that depending on how shots are assembled the audience will attach a specific emotion to it. This short film is my play on this concept as I continue to develpoe my style as student/filmmaker.


Nicoletta de la Brown is a filmmaker, interdisciplinary sculptor, and performance artist. -- Like a magpie, Nicoletta assembles intriguing images and objects in reliquary. Her films and sculptural works are inventories of visual conversations: memories, sounds, objects, drawings, photographs, moving image, and other rendered notions.

Nicoletta studies all aspects of filmmaking at Maryland Institute College of Art. During her time as a full time student she has completely fallen in love with the medium. She excels at, and is most passionate, about directing, cinematography, and editing. Nicoletta has written and directed several short films. Her work has been well received by audiences at public screening events.