HYRSTERIA is a zine highlighting social differences that challenge us in our day-to-day lives— gender, race, class, sexuality, ability, age, culture and so on. It is a testimony of truth, fiction, and everything in-between while addressing struggle and oppression in it’s various forms. These stories, investigations, and artworks are written and illustrated by folks who are, for the most part, based in Baltimore. We hope this very first issue inspires you and connects you to the narratives and experiences of others.

TANYA GARCIA Editor-in-Chief/Co-Founder

Tanya Garcia is a documentary photographer and multi media artist interested in various ways of portraying a story that best considers the community and audience. Most recently, Tanya has been using video, text, and audio to share oral histories of three Latina women working at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Tanya worked collaboratively with the three women to document their daily work, their home life, and their persona as they identified as luchadora, or fighter, as they have overcome various obstacles as women throughout their lives.


VALERIA MOLINARI Art Director/Co-Founder

Valeria Molinari is a Venezuelan illustrator and designer with a background in animation and motion graphics. She’s essentially a storyteller who has worked with video art and visual effects since the better part of 2006.  In her work she has developed a language with the use of basic geometric shapes and flat colors. Her style can be called naïve, and her work generally revolves around basic human feelings and instincts: love, passion, fight, creativity, freedom, and imagination.



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